About KiwiSaver

There are many good reasons to start contributing to KiwiSaver – including potential employer and government contributions to help boost your retirement savings.

The benefits of KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver lets you save for your retirement a bit at a time. This way you can build up your savings for the future without committing to big payments over a long time. 

There are many reasons why it makes sense to use KiwiSaver to save for the retirement you want.

  • it’s easy – your contributions go straight from your pay into your chosen scheme.  What we hear is that most people don’t miss the money as they didn’t have it in the first place!

  • your savings grow faster when your employer is also contributing

  •  the government boosts your savings too – as long as you’re eligible.  For every dollar you save, the government will contribute 50 cents, up to a maximum of $521.43 each year. This government contribution is paid directly into your account, normally in July.

  • you may be able to use your KiwiSaver money (including employer contributions) to help you buy your first home

  • you can change your contributions to suit changes in your circumstances. If you’re an employee and have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least 12 months, for example, you can take a savings suspension for a minimum of three months and up to one year. You can also change the amount of your contributions from 3% of your gross salary or wages (i.e. before tax) to a higher rate and make lump sum payments. See contributing to KiwiSaver for more details.

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