Aon KiwiSaver Scheme has partnered with four underlying investment managers so you can choose who invests your money

Our investment managers

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme has partnered with four underlying investment managers.  You can find out more about them here.

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited
Milford Funds Limited
Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited
Russell Investment Group Limited

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited (ANZ Investments) has nearly 30 years’ experience helping New Zealanders manage and protect their wealth. Fully owned by ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, ANZ Investments is the largest manager of retail and wholesale investment funds, and KiwiSaver, in New Zealand.

The investment management team at ANZ Investments features highly experienced investment professionals, whose expertise spans a broad range of areas including asset allocation, fixed interest investments, shares and currency exposure management.

The team also has a strong record of investment performance that includes winning multiple industry awards at both the sector and fund manager level.

Investment approach

ANZ Investments’ active security selection processes aim to deliver ‘above-benchmark’ returns over the medium and longer-term.

For global equities, their approach is based on an outsourced multi-manager strategy and the belief that a combination of core, growth and value investment styles will outperform the benchmark over an economic cycle. To this end, ANZ Investments seeks to appoint, and maintain fixed allocations to, a limited range of managers – all with global mandates but also with complementary investment styles.

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme members can chose to invest in the following ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited funds:

ANZ Cash Fund
ANZ Balanced Fund

Milford Funds Limited

The Milford fund is managed by Milford Funds Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of Milford Asset Management Limited, an Investment Management company with currently more than $3,500 million under management.  Milford Asset Management also manages individually managed accounts for high net worth individuals.

Investment approach

As investment markets are in a state of constant change, Milford adopts an active approach to investing. This allows Milford to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise, and seek to provide a level of capital protection when markets are less favourable.

Milford’s active approach means the investments that make up the Milford Fund are not likely to mirror any given index. Instead, Milford’s investment selection process aims to identify investments which have prospects that have not been recognised by other investors in the market.

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme members can chose to invest in the  Milford Active Growth Wholesale Fund

Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited

Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited (“Nikko AM NZ”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd (“Nikko AM”), which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Nikko AM is a dedicated global asset manager with over 200 investment professionals across the world’s major financial centres. As one of the largest investment managers in New Zealand, Nikko AM NZ provides investment management services for domestic assets through its Auckland-based investment team and has contracted offshore managers to manage global assets.

Investment approach

Nikko AM NZ believe that they can deliver strong and repeatable risk-adjusted returns for their investors. This belief stems from their philosophy which is that:

  • Markets are not always efficient and indices are constrained therefore active investment management can discover and benefit from identified opportunities.
  • Investments are best managed by sector specialists within a comprehensive risk management framework. Where appropriate this may involve selecting and overseeing global investment specialists.
  • Asset allocation is a key driver of overall portfolio return. Diversification both within and across investment sectors helps to reduce risk and grow wealth over the long-term.
  • Combining quality investment decision-making with patience and time will maximise investor returns.

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme members can chose to invest in the following Nikko Asset Management New Zealand Limited funds:

Nikko Cash Fund
Nikko Balanced Fund

Russell Investment Group Limited

Russell Investments’ mission statement for more than 70 years has been ‘Improving financial security for people’ and this lays the foundation for all they do. Established in 1936, Russell Investments provides investors access to a level of investment expertise that until recently was reserved only for the world’s largest corporate investors.

Russell Investments’ experience and depth of resources in investment management, research and implementation make possible the innovative solutions they provide to clients of all sizes. As one of the world’s leading investment firms, they combine a solid commitment to excellent service with a sophisticated and time-tested investment approach.

Investment approach

Russell Investments holds more than 2,200 meetings with investment managers each year. They aim to get to know managers well enough to see developing trends long before performance tracking reveals them. They aim to move swiftly and cost effectively when changes are needed.

From the 9,300 investment manager products that Russell Investments monitor, they include only 17 of the best to work for New Zealand investors. This approach means the world’s best investment ideas are contributing to the performance of your portfolio.

Target Date funds

With Russell Investments’ LifePoints® Target Date funds, the date in each fund name represents the approximate retirement year  and the asset allocation is changed gradually to be more conservative as you get closer to retirement. 

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme members can chose to invest in the following Russell Investment Group Limited funds:

Russell LifePoints® Conservative Fund
Russell LifePoints® Moderate Fund
Russell LifePoints® Balanced Fund
Russell LifePoints® Growth Fund
Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2025 Fund
Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2035 Fund
Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2045 Fund
Russell LifePoints® Target Date 2055 Fund

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