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5 tips to supercharge your KiwiSaver

06 Aug 2021  by   Amanda Beeslaar

Haven't given your KiwiSaver much thought over the last year? Here's our top 5 tips to make sure you get the most from it.

2020 - a remarkable year for investing, with a few hiccups along the way

26 Feb 2021  by   Ed Tomlinson

2020 was a year like no other for many reasons, not least of which when it came to investing in KiwiSaver. After a sharp fall in the first part of the year, the last quarter of 2020 saw global shares achieving new highs.

Why it's important to have a will

25 Nov 2020  by   Amanda Beeslaar

As your KiwiSaver balance grows, it becomes more important for you to think about what happens to your money when you pass away. So how do you ensure your KiwiSaver money goes to who you want it to?

Volatility can be your friend

10 Nov 2020  by   Russell Investments

Ups and downs, bulls and bears, buying and selling – you can’t get away from volatility. It’s time to beat the hype with a new outlook.

Staying true to the long-term on 'The long and winding road'

07 May 2020  by   Ed Tomlinson

The Beatles song 'Long and winding road' is about overcoming adversity and staying on course to reach your goal. While the song is vintage, the idea it pushes is very relevant for members worried about KiwiSaver returns today – there will be short-term set-backs during your financial journey, but despite these hurdles it is important to remain focussed on your long-term investment goals.

Concerned about share market volatility and your KiwiSaver? Why you should be calm

02 Apr 2020  by   Ed Tomlinson

There were encouraging signs of improvements in the share markets during the last week of March. Although it is still too early to say whether the markets have reached a low point, it’s possible that the biggest market falls resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak are behind us. Learn more in our market update.

COVID-19 and its effect on the investment markets

18 Mar 2020  by   Ed Tomlinson

The transformation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) into a global pandemic has sent a shockwave through global financial markets. Our article explains why COVID-19 has affected the investment markets, and what has happened following previous times of share market volatility.

2019 – an impressive year for KiwiSaver returns

02 Mar 2020  by   Ed Tomlinson

2019 was an impressive year for KiwiSaver returns – why did the markets do so well, and can the current very long economic expansion continue?

KiwiSaver changes coming in 2020

02 Mar 2020  by   Amanda Beeslaar

Some changes are coming to KiwiSaver in 2020, including amending the lock-in for members who joined after age 60 and changes to accessing KiwiSaver due to a life-shortening congenital condition.

What might falling interest rates mean for KiwiSaver funds?

14 Nov 2019  by   Simon Ferry

Interest rates are starting to trend downwards. We explain why central banks are reducing interest rates and what the impact might be on different asset classes.