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She'll be right - or will it?

9 Sep 2019 by  Amanda Beeslaar

As Kiwis we tend to be a bit too fond of the saying “She’ll be right!”  Most of the time it is, but when it comes to the most important decisions, sometimes we’re not very good at making them. 

Many of us haven't got around to creating a will, meaning if we pass away there could be delays and additional costs for our loved ones during an already stressful time. 

What would happen to your KiwiSaver?

When it comes to your KiwiSaver, having a will is important to make sure that your money goes to who you want it to.   

You may assume that your partner will automatically get access to your KiwiSaver money – unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case.  If you have over $15,000 in your KiwiSaver account and you pass away without a will, the courts will have to decide how to divide your estate without your input.  So, to make sure your money goes to who you want it to, it pays to have a will.

Look to the future and look after your loved ones

To help our members plan for the future we’ve teamed up with Footprint, a digital company providing online wills and estate administration solutions.  

You can learn more about Footprint and why we’ve chosen to partner with them in this video.

Create a will for under $100

We've teamed up with Footprint to offer Aon KiwiSaver Scheme members the chance to create a will for under $100.  So why wouldn’t you? 

Simply choose which of Footprint’s three options suits you best and visit their website to sign up.

Want to look to the future and create a will?

You can learn more and sign up for this offer by visiting Footprint’s website.  You can view the Terms & Conditions for this offer here.

Amanda Beeslaar

Amanda Beeslaar is the Head of Retirement Products and responsible for overseeing the operations and growth strategy for the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme and Aon Master Trust. Amanda has been with Aon for nearly 12 years and has a passion for retirement and financial capability and is an active participant in the financial industry.

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