Why our Scheme?

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme currently offers the choice of thirteen funds and has been awarded a gold rating by independent research company SuperRatings.

Why Aon KiwiSaver Scheme

How Aon KiwiSaver Scheme works for individuals

When it comes to choosing a KiwiSaver scheme, the choices can be over-whelming. Should you settle with a default provider? How do you trust a provider or be sure you’ve made the right decision once you’ve selected one? Certainly, not all schemes are created equal and you want to be sure your hard-earned savings are in good hands.

So, ensure you partner with a provider that has a history of strong investment returns* and that enables you to diversify your investment in ways that suit you!

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme offers you:

  • Choice. We currently have four different underlying investment managers and thirteen different funds, so there’s a fund to suit your individual risk profile.

  • Performance. Aon KiwiSaver Scheme has a history of strong investment returns, according to the Morningstar KiwiSaver survey.*

Aon KiwiSaver Scheme makes it all easy for you:

  • you have 24 hour online access to check your account balance

  • you can access our top rated KiwiSaver funds 

  • you can be confident you're receiving value for money from our SuperRatings gold rated scheme

  • you’ll receive regular news and updates

  • our helpdesk team can answer any questions you may have about KiwiSaver.  Simply call us on 0800 266 463.

  • KiwiSaver information, fund updates, returns and forms can be easily downloaded from our website.

Got questions?  You can find answers to some commonly asked questions here .

To find out more about the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme, you can download our product disclosure statement here . Or you can email us or call our help desk on 0800 266 463.

* Source:  Morningstar KiwiSaver Performance Survey September quarter 2021.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

How Aon KiwiSaver Scheme works for employers

Choose Aon KiwiSaver Scheme as your preferred KiwiSaver provider and we’ll help you make sure your employees are getting the most out of KiwiSaver:

  • your employees can call our dedicated helpdesk on 0800 266 463 for answers to questions they may have about KiwiSaver

  • our helpdesk is available to answer your questions too – so you don’t need to spend valuable time dealing with Inland Revenue for employee queries that are linked to our scheme

  • we’ll provide product disclosure statements for new employees

  • we can put together complimentary educational seminars on KiwiSaver for you and your employees so you can stay up to date with KiwiSaver.

To find out more about how the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme can make KiwiSaver easier for you and your employees, call us on 0800 266 463. Or you can download an Employer Registration form here.

You can find the answers to some employers' commonly asked questions on KiwiSaver and the Aon KiwiSaver Scheme here .

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