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Aon KiwiSaver Scheme Risk Profile form

Unsure of which type of investment fund may suit you?  Our Aon KiwiSaver Scheme online risk profile form will help you understand your attitude towards investment risk and help you decide which type of fund may suit your needs. 

Disclaimer: This is a tool to assist you to determine the type of investment fund which may best suit your risk profile. This is not an investment or financial plan and should be treated as a guide only. We recommend you discuss your investment options prior to making any choices with your financial adviser. Neither the Manager, administration manager nor supervisor accepts any responsibility for the investment option you choose or for the performance of your investment in respect of the Scheme.

Other useful calculators

The website has many calculators you may find useful including their:

  • Kiwisaver savings calculator – this calculator can help you answer questions such as how much you could have for a first home and how big your KiwiSaver balance could be. 
  • retirement planner – helping you work out how much you're currently on track to have at retirement, and whether this will give you the lifestyle you want. 


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